Employee Experience Platform Specialist (MS-080T00)

In this one-day Microsoft course, you'll learn how to bring people together to create an optimal employee experience that enables your organization to improve productivity, develop empathetic leadership, and transform how employees feel about their work. In your organization today, are people being treated well, or are their needs neglected? Are your teams aligned on goals with a sense of purpose? Are you driving the business outcomes that you need? Find our more by attending this training.


Public class

1 day / 7 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 6
1 day / 7 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

Module 1: Design digital employee experiences

  • Case study - Tailwind Traders
  • Evaluate current employee experiences
  • Consider employee privacy and data requirements
  • Assemble business stakeholders and define goals
  • Explore Viva experience areas
  • Understand Viva licensing

Module 2: Introduction to the Microsoft Viva suite

  • Understand Viva apps
  • Get started with Microsoft Viva
  • Use Viva to keep everyone informed, included, and inspired
  • Use Viva to get actionable insights to foster well-being and productivity
  • Use Viva to align people's work to team and organization goals
  • Use Viva to help employees learn, grow, and succeed

Module 3: Introduction to Viva Connections

  • What do users experience?
  • When to use Viva Connections?
  • What technical requirements must be met to deploy Viva Connections?

Module 4: Plan for Viva Connections

  • Build your team and meet requirements
  • Analyze tasks and scenarios for Viva Connections
  • Plan for Viva Connections Dashboard, Feed and Resources
  • Plan to announce, launch, and scale adoption

Module 5: Design skilling and growth experiences with Viva Learning

  • Case study - Tailwind Traders
  • Plan for Viva Learning
  • Assemble Viva Learning admins and stakeholders
  • Understand content sources with Viva Learning
  • Coordinate setup and configuration of Viva Learning
  • Develop adoption strategies for Viva Learning
  • Develop an org-wide learning culture

Module 6: Guided Project - Create featured set of content in Viva Learning

  • Prepare your environment

Module 7: Design productivity and wellbeing experiences with Viva Insights

  • Measure workplace patterns with Viva Insights
  • Identify Viva Insights stakeholders
  • Assess experiences and define goals
  • Coordinate setup and deployment of Viva Insights
  • Communication and adoption planning

Module 8: Introduction to Viva Topics

  • How AI interacts with Viva Topics
  • How to use Viva Topics for administrators
  • Modernize SharePoint for Viva Topics
  • Sign up for and configure a Viva Topics trial
  • Create a Topic center & assign licenses
  • Change the name of the Topic center

Module 9: Plan roles, automation, and training for Viva Topics

  • Review the roles available in Viva Topics
  • Identify opportunities to use Viva Topics to automate standard tasks
  • Review the skills needed to deploy, manage, and use Viva Topics
  • Train employees to use Viva Topics

Module 10: Role of an OKR Champion

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • How to communicate about OKRs and Viva Goals with your team
  • How to successfully leverage resources

Module 11: Learn OKR essentials with Viva Goals

  • What are OKRs?
  • Why OKRs?
  • Best practices for getting started with OKRs and Viva Goals
  • Up to date courseware with Microsoft Learn
  • Microsoft course achievement badge
  • A general understanding of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint
  • Familiarity with employee experience concepts and methodologies
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