Over the years, Eccentrix has established and maintained strong relationships with its customers, but also with the learning partners that provide a level of accreditation customers can trust.

Eccentrix developed partnerships with strong industry leaders, bringing you a diversified portfolio of certified trainings with expert instructors. Our certified trainings are recognized in the industry, bringing you the level of confidence that quality and integrity of each training is achieved. In the upcoming years, Eccentrix's ultimate objective is to maintain a strong connection with existing partners, but to also expand its portfolio of accredited trainings with new vendors and connections.


Eccentrix has the most comprehensive offer in terms of Microsoft accredited trainings. In addition, a complete set of benefits comes with each enrollment to our trainings. Since the very beginning of our operations, Eccentrix has been a Microsoft Partner in learning following the numerous changes in the learning paths and programs, notably for certification-based courses.

Microsoft Learning Partner - Eccentrix

Up-to-date teaching material

Participants' digital courseware is automatically updated to reflect changes in the course if it changes after attendance.

A remote lab environment with All Access Pass

Our extended 180 days lab access allows participants to continue working or upgrading technical skills after the class, with an easy Web access to our remote platform. Moreover, it is possible to acquire additional labs and practical activities for free with the All Access Pass feature, also included in your lab environment.

Exam vouchers

With our certification training courses come included exam vouchers helping you prepare for each certification exam without additional cost. 

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Eccentrix has the highest level of EC-Council partnership, delivering the complete portfolio of EC-Council cybersecurity courses since 2017. With an EC-Council course comes a set of benefits that greatly help our participants get certified. EC-Council is a key vendor for Eccentrix, since we have a strong focus on cybersecurity courses and that relationships just gets better over the years.


A very complete set of tools

EC-Council has an one-stop portal for accessing your course material, but also to download the many technical tools from a bank of utilities that counts in the hundreds for every course you take. That way, you have the complete control of which tools you would like to use in your test environment.

A comprehensive learning material

EC-Council course material is thorough and well presented through the digital courseware provided for a two years of access following the end of your training.


The STORM is an offensive security device loaded with hundreds of utilities for the purpose of testing the security of networks and computer applications. Under some circumstances, the STORM is included in the acquisition of your course. A real benefit to explore in after discovering the many utilities and possibilities on your training.

A sophisticated laboratory environment

One of the most comprehensive and complete laboratory environment - for any EC-Council course you take. With 180 days access after course, it certainly helps in the preparation of the certification exam for everyone. 

Access to the CodeRed platform

A learning platform designed for cyber professionals to use it for JIT (just in time) learning,  keeping up with industry-required new skills, or honing their existing skills. One year subscription to this platform contains thousands of cybersecurity videos, and is granted to you complementary with any EC-Course you enroll.

Certification exam voucher

Each course includes a certification exam voucher in the cost of the training. This way, there are no additional fees when attempting the certification exam for your course. The exam booking is done online, as well as the exam.

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Eccentrix is a CompTIA Authorized center and partner since 2017. Our CompTIA courses help prepare for several certification exams and certifications known and recognized by the industry. CompTIA is vendor neutral, meaning that the focus is not on a specific technology, but instead covers a large spectrum of skills that many IT professionals need to better perform their work. CompTIA courses are ideal for technicians, system administrators, or analysts willing to learn more about the key computer and server components, networks and security. Each course leads to a certification exam to be taken with Pearson VUE.

Eccentrix - CompTIA Partner

Comprehensive course material

A complete and thorough accredited course material is provided with each CompTIA training, infinite access to each participant once the material is redeemed.

A laboratory environment

An online lab built for the purpose of running some tools and programs designed to help better understand topics of most of our CompTIA courses.

Certification exams and retakes

With most of our CompTIA courses comes at no charge an exam voucher that can be used when scheduling the certification exam. Moreover, a retake could also be included, in case the first opportunity to certify is missed.

Practice questions

A set of practice questions comes with most our courses - helping participants better prepare for the certification exams. The subscription is accessible six months following the activation of the feature.

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