Is your company looking for a reliable partner to ensure the continuity of employee learning?

A work environment with employees and collaborators in whom one invests is definitely part of a strategy to make the company able to achieve its mission and its objectives.

Of course, continuous training is a good way to make the organization more mature and ensure employee safety. 94% of people trained are interested in remaining on the team when we work with them to build a skills enhancement plan. Similarly, many see their apprenticeship as a major element in their career.

Increased employee involvement, belonging to the organization, greater motivation, team spirit… all positive points emerge from the implementation of a training program for employees.

How can Eccentrix be part of the solution?

THE ULTIMATE PASS - a continuous learning solution that allows unlimited access to the many courses offered in our catalog. These are live streaming in public classroom over Microsoft Teams.

The ULTIMATE PASS allows the registration of up to two participants in all our confirmed public classes, without any limitation:

  • A single investment amount payable at the start of your commitment;

  • It is unlimited and it is applicable to all our guaranteed training sessions on the calendar (no exceptions!);

  • Attendance is transferable to another participant for a class if it is given several times during the term of your agreement.

In addition, all the conventional benefits applicable to a training remain the same (exam vouchers included for certain training, extended access to technical laboratories, class recordings…)!

You can plan all your training as soon as the agreement is signed or later, according to your needs, by relying on our training schedule page:

Locate the symbol of a class with a guaranteed date   and register knowing that the date of your training is guaranteed, free of charge!

Which organizational profile can benefit from the ULTIMATE PASS?

The ULTIMATE PASS is beneficial for organizations that need to train a diverse business clientele – profiles of professionals involved in different phases of technology projects.

What training is available?

All of our popular open-class and confirmed session tech training is part of the offering. Eccentrix provides dozens of training sessions during your agreement, particularly in the following areas:

  • Administration and management of Microsoft 365 SaaS and Azure IaaS

  • Power Platform tools specialization (Power Apps, Power BI, etc.)

  • Microsoft cloud and infrastructure security

  • Administration and configuration of SharePoint Online sites

  • Ethical Hacking, Cyber Defense and Organizational Security

  • Networking: Cisco CCNA and VMware vSphere

  • CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+

How do I know when a training becomes Guaranteed to Run (GTR)?

Your ULTIMATE PASS subscription includes an update system allowing you to follow the training courses confirmed on the calendar in almost real time. To this end, as soon as a training course is confirmed on our site, the individuals you delegate from your organization will receive an email from us, providing the name of the training which has been confirmed as well as the date it will take place. You will be able to directly access the registration form and use your unique code to register participants.

This way, you can fully take advantage of your acquisition, as chances that you miss the date become very low with this alert system.

Is there a list of training courses that will definitely take place during the subscription period?

Yes. The holding is assured (guaranteed date available) for at least one session of these training courses during the duration of our agreement, in French:

Other training courses will be added to this list periodically.

How much are the savings?

Savings can go up to 80% on regular pricing.

The regular price of a typical five-day training is in average $2875. Thus, after attending just five of these (with two participants), you would have covered your entire yearly cost.

Since Eccentrix organizes dozens of confirmed trainings throughout the year, and that it is possible to attend all of them, it can be a very attractive offer.

The duration of the agreement

Twelve months.

You can start enrolling participants as soon as the agreement takes effect.

The investment amount


This is the amount payable at the conclusion of the agreement. 


Are you looking for a similar benefit to take advantage of exclusive advantages and special prices for individual enrollments or a private class training?