Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate (MD102)

In this five-day Microsoft Certified course, students will learn to plan and execute an endpoint deployment strategy using contemporary deployment techniques and implementing update strategies. The course introduces essential elements of modern management, co-management approaches, and Microsoft Intune integration. It covers app deployment, management of browser-based applications, and key security concepts such as authentication, identities, access, and compliance policies. Technologies like Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint are explored to protect devices and data. After finished course, users will earn the title of Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate.

This training is a comprehensive preparation for the Microsoft 365: Endpoint Administrator exam to earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.


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Public class

Virtual classroom
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July 15 2024
Virtual classroom
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August 12 2024
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September 23 2024
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October 28 2024
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November 25 2024
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January 6 2025
5 days / 35 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 5
5 days / 35 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator (MD-102T00)

Module 1: Explore endpoint management

  • Explore the Enterprise Desktop
  • Explore Windows Editions
  • Understand Azure Active Directory
  • Manage Azure Active Directory identities

Module 2: Execute device enrollment

  • Manage device authentication
  • Enroll devices using Microsoft Configuration Manager
  • Enroll devices using Microsoft Intune

Module 3: Configure profiles for user and devices

  • Execute device profiles
  • Oversee device profiles
  • Maintain user profiles

Module 4: Examine application management

  • Execute mobile application management
  • Deploy and update applications
  • Administer endpoint applications

Module 5: Manage authentication and compliance

  • Protect identities in Active Directory Domain Services
  • Enable organizational access
  • Implement device compliance
  • Generate inventory and compliance reports

Module 6: Manage endpoint security

  • Deploy device data protection
  • Manage Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Manage Microsoft Defender in Windows client
  • Manage Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Module 7: Deploy using on-premises based tools

  • Assess deployment readiness
  • Deploy using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Deploy using Microsoft Configuration Manager

Module 8: Deploy using cloud based tools

  • Deploy Devices using Windows Autopilot
  • Implement dynamic deployment methods
  • Plan a transition to modern endpoint management
  • Manage Windows 365
  • Manage Azure virtual desktop
  • One FREE attendance to the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ900) training - $695 value!
  • One voucher to take the exam - $225 value!
  • One year access to the class recording
  • 180 days access to the lab environment after class
  • Up to date courseware with Microsoft Learn
  • Microsoft course achievement badge
  • Basic conceptual understanding of Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with Windows devices
  • Experience with Microsoft 365
  • Basic understanding of authorization and authentication
  • Basic understanding of computer networks
  • Working knowledge of managing mobile device
  • Completed a role-based administrator course such as Messaging, Teamwork, Security and Compliance, or Collaboration.
  • A proficient understanding of DNS and basic functional experience with Microsoft 365 services.
  • A proficient understanding of general IT practices.
Credentials information: 

Exam characteristics 

  • Exam code: MD-102 
  • Exam Title: Endpoint Administrator 
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes  
  • Number of Questions: 40 to 60  
  • Questions Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer, scenario-based 
  • Passing Score: 700 out of 1000 
  • Cost: $0 (included in your training) 

Exam Topics 

  • Deploy Windows client  
  • Manage identity and compliance  
  • Manage, maintain, and protect devices  
  • Manage applications  
  • All details...  

Understanding MD-102 Exam Overview 

The MD-102 exam, known as the "Endpoint Administrator" exam, evaluates candidates on various critical domains necessary for efficient modern desktop administration. These encompass deploying and managing modern desktops, ensuring data and device security, configuring connectivity, deploying applications, implementing device compliance, and establishing security policies. 

Preparing for the MD-102 Exam 

Efficient preparation for the MD-102 exam involves utilizing official Microsoft learning resources, study guides, and specialized official training courses such as the ones offered by Eccentrix that are tailored explicitly for Modern Desktop Administration. Practical hands-on experience in deploying devices, securing data, managing applications, and ensuring compliance within the Microsoft environment is vital for a comprehensive understanding. 

Career Prospects with MD-102 Certification 

Achieving the MD-102 certification significantly boosts career prospects, particularly for roles such as Modern Desktop Administrators or IT Support Specialists specializing in modern workplace management. With the increasing adoption of modern desktop solutions, certified professionals in this domain are in high demand across various industries. 


The MD-102 Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator course and certification validate an individual's proficiency in effectively managing and securing modern desktop environments within the Microsoft ecosystem. Expertise in device deployment, security implementations, application management, and compliance ensures a streamlined and secure modern workspace environment. 

By dedicating time to thorough preparation and gaining practical experience in modern desktop administration within Microsoft environments, candidates can not only pass the MD-102 exam but also establish themselves as adept Modern Desktop Administrators, contributing significantly to streamlined workplace operations. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MD-102 

How do I prepare for MD-102? 

Preparing for MD-102 involves a structured approach. Utilize official Microsoft learning paths, study guides, and specialized training courses specifically designed for Modern Desktop Administration. Engage in hands-on practice with deploying devices, configuring security measures, managing applications, and ensuring compliance within the Microsoft environment. Exploring practical scenarios and real-world examples related to modern desktop management is highly recommended. 

Is the MD-102 exam hard? 

The difficulty level of the MD-102 exam can vary based on an individual's familiarity with modern desktop administration concepts, practical experience, and prior knowledge of Microsoft environments. Adequate preparation, utilizing official Microsoft resources, study materials, and hands-on practice significantly aid in navigating and successfully passing the exam. 

What is the passing score for the MD-102 exam?

It is a score of 700 points on a scale of 1000. However, the scoring policy is subject to change, so it is advisable to check the most recent information from Microsoft. 

How long does it take to study for MD-102?

The duration required to prepare for the MD-102 exam varies based on individual factors such as existing knowledge, study habits, and time commitment. Typically, candidates spend several weeks to a few months dedicating consistent study hours daily or weekly to cover the exam topics thoroughly. Creating a study schedule and setting aside dedicated study time can help in effective preparation for the MD-102 exam. 

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