Microsoft 365 for the End-User (MS55154)

Welcome to the Microsoft 365 for the End User Training Course!

In today's dynamic business landscape, mastering the powerful tools and features of Microsoft 365 is essential to enhance your productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or looking to sharpen your skills, this comprehensive training program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to make the most out of this versatile cloud productivity suite.

Throughout this interactive and engaging training, our expert instructors will guide you through the fundamental aspects of Microsoft 365, giving you practical insights and hands-on experience to navigate its diverse applications confidently. We understand that as an end user, you play a crucial role in driving business success through effective utilization of Microsoft 365 tools. Hence, this course is tailored to meet the unique needs of professionals like you, aiming to foster a seamless adoption of Microsoft 365 within your organization.

By the end of this training, you will be equipped to leverage the Power of Microsoft 365 Apps, maximize Collaboration and Communication, embrace Cloud Storage and to stay Connected Anywhere.

Let's embark on this exciting learning journey together, as we unlock the true potential of Microsoft 365 and empower you to become a proficient end user. Get ready to transform the way you work and achieve new heights of productivity!


Public class

1 day / 7 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 6
1 day / 7 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

The training plan below can be modified (content or duration) according to the needs of your company.

Module 1: Microsoft 365 Overview

This module will help students understand what Microsoft 365 is and the components that make up Microsoft 365. Students will learn how Microsoft 365 can increase work productivity by allowing them to work when and where they need to.

  • Microsoft 365 Overview
  • Accessing Microsoft 365
  • Managing Microsoft 365 profiles

Module 2: Using Outlook Online

This module describes how to use Outlook Online. Students will learn how to manage their email, create contacts, create groups, manage attachments, create calendar views, and manage Outlook settings.

  • Manage Email
  • Managing Calendars
  • Managing Contacts
  • Configuring Outlook Options

Module 3: Using Microsoft Teams

This module will introduce students to Microsoft Teams. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, web conferencing, and audio and video conferencing.

  • Microsoft Teams overview
  • Instant Messaging in Microsoft Teams
  • Conferencing in Microsoft Teams

Module 4: Using SharePoint Online

This module introduces students to SharePoint Online. Students will learn how locate and share documents in SharePoint Online. After completing this module students will be able to customize their SharePoint site, search for content, customize workflows in SharePoint Online, and configure list-based information management.

  • Working with site content and navigation
  • Managing workflows in SharePoint Online
  • Implement information management policies

Module 5: Using OneDrive for Business and OneNote Online

This module will show students how to create, modify, save, and share documents using OneDrive for Business. Students will learn how to create and open OneNote notebooks and work with OneNote sections and pages and how to add new content to a new OneNote page.

  • OneDrive Overview
  • OneNote Online Overview
  • Course material accessible in electronic format 
  • Certificate of attendance (on request)
  • General knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite
  • Knowledge of using a Microsoft Windows operating system

Follow-on trainings: 

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