EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) (EC6172)

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, where threats evolve rapidly, securing software development processes has become paramount. The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) emerges as a groundbreaking certification tailored for professionals aiming to integrate security seamlessly into the DevOps lifecycle.  

EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) is a hands-on, instructor-led comprehensive DevSecOps certification program which helps professionals to build essential knowledge and abilities in designing, developing, maintaining a secure applications and infrastructure.This course is blended with both theoretical knowledge as well as the practical implementation of DevSecOps in your on-prem and cloud-native (AWS and Azure) environment. The course covers integration and automation of all the major and widely used tools, processes, and methodologies of DevSecOps that help organizations to build secure applications rapidly in a DevOps environment

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Applicable solutions

Public class

3 days/ 21 hours

Private class

Virtual Classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 5
3 days / 21 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

Module 01: Understanding DevOps Culture
Module 02: Introduction to DevSecOps
Module 03: DevSecOps Pipeline-Plan Stage
Module 04: DevSecOps Pipeline-Code Stage
Module 05: DevSecOps Pipeline-Build and Test Stage
Module 06: DevSecOps Pipeline-Release and Deploy Stage
Module 07: DevSecOps Pipeline-Operate and Monitor Stage

  • One year access to the class recording
  • 180 days access to the lab environment after class
  • One voucher to take the exam online
  • One year subscription to the CodeRed platform containing thousands of cybersecurity videos
  • Course material accessible in electronic format
  • Official EC-Council Certificate of Attendance

Students should have an basic understanding of application security concepts.

Credentials information: 

Exam Characteristics

  • Preparing for the Certified DevSecOps Engineer certification
  • Cost: $0 (included in your training)
  • Online with EC-Council Exam Center
  • 100 questions with multiple choices
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • All details... 

Understanding the ECDE 

The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer certification is a testament to an individual's proficiency in implementing security measures throughout the DevOps pipeline. DevSecOps represents the fusion of Development, Security, and Operations, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to security from the inception of software development to deployment and beyond. ECDE equips professionals with the skills to embed security practices seamlessly into DevOps workflows. 

Comprehensive Curriculum Highlights 

The ECDE program encompasses a comprehensive curriculum designed to address the multifaceted aspects of secure software development within a DevOps framework. Participants delve into topics such as secure coding practices, continuous integration, and delivery (CI/CD) security, container security, infrastructure as code (IaC) security, and security automation. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower individuals with a deep understanding of security concepts relevant to modern software development practices. 

Key Domains Covered 

  • Secure Coding Practices: ECDE emphasizes the importance of writing secure code from the outset. Participants learn about common coding vulnerabilities, secure coding best practices, and techniques to mitigate potential security risks at the code level. 
  • CI/CD Security: In the era of rapid software delivery, continuous integration and delivery are integral. ECDE addresses the security aspects of CI/CD pipelines, ensuring that security is seamlessly integrated into the automated build and deployment processes. 
  • Container Security: With the proliferation of containerization, understanding container security is crucial. ECDE covers container security measures, including secure container configurations, image scanning, and runtime security considerations. 
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security: As organizations embrace infrastructure as code for managing their IT infrastructure, ECDE provides insights into securing IaC scripts and templates, minimizing vulnerabilities introduced during infrastructure provisioning. 
  • Security Automation: Automation is a cornerstone of DevSecOps. ECDE imparts knowledge on leveraging automation tools for security testing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance checks, streamlining security processes. 

Real-World Application and Hands-On Labs 

The ECDE certification places a strong emphasis on practical application. Participants engage in hands-on labs and simulations, mirroring real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is invaluable, allowing professionals to apply theoretical knowledge to actual security challenges encountered in a DevOps environment. 

Importance of ECDE Certification 

The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer certification holds profound significance in today's cybersecurity landscape. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for security to be an integral part of the software development life cycle. ECDE-certified professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between development and security teams, fostering a culture where security is not an afterthought but an inherent part of the development process. 

Career Opportunities 

Individuals who attain the ECDE certification open doors to diverse career opportunities. Roles such as DevSecOps Engineer, Security Automation Specialist, and Secure Software Development Consultant are common paths for ECDE-certified professionals. The certification not only validates technical expertise but also underscores a commitment to advancing secure software development practices. 


The EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) training and certification stand at the forefront of promoting a security-first approach within DevOps. Through its comprehensive curriculum, hands-on labs, and alignment with industry needs, ECDE empowers professionals to champion secure software development. For those aspiring to lead the charge in creating resilient and secure software systems, the ECDE certification serves as a transformative journey into the evolving landscape of DevSecOps. 

Common Questions about the DevSecOps Certification and Practice (FAQ) 

Is there any certification for DevSecOps? 

Yes, there are certifications for DevSecOps, designed to validate expertise in integrating security practices into the DevOps lifecycle. One notable example is the EC-Council Certified DevSecOps Engineer (ECDE) certification. 

Is DevSecOps better than DevOps? 

DevSecOps is an extension of DevOps, emphasizing the integration of security throughout the software development process. It's not a matter of being "better," but rather addressing security concerns as an integral part of the DevOps philosophy. 

Does DevSecOps require coding? 

While not mandatory, having coding skills is beneficial in DevSecOps. Understanding code allows DevSecOps engineers to identify and address security vulnerabilities in the development process effectively. 

Is DevSecOps cybersecurity? 

DevSecOps is closely related to cybersecurity as it incorporates security practices within the DevOps methodology. It aims to enhance the security posture of software and applications throughout their lifecycle. 

Is DevSecOps the future? 

DevSecOps is considered a crucial approach for the future of software development. As security threats evolve, embedding security practices early in the development process becomes essential, making DevSecOps a key part of the future of IT. 

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