CompTIA Network+ (CT8734)

The CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) have been developed by CompTIA for the CompTIA Network+ candidate. Rigorously evaluated to validate coverage of the CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) exam objectives teachs the knowledge and skills to deploy, secure, and troubleshoot SOHO and enterprise networks, and to prepare candidates to take the CompTIA Network+ certification exam.

Applicable solutions

Public class

5 days / 35 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 5
5 days / 35 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

Module 1: Comparing OSI Model Network Functions

Module 2: Deploying Ethernet Cabling

Module 3: Deploying Ethernet Switching

Module 4: Troubleshooting Ethernet Networks

Module 5: Explaining IPv4 Addressing

Module 6: Supporting IPv4 and IPv6 Networks

Module 7: Configuring and Troubleshooting Routers

Module 8: Explaining Network Topologies and Types

Module 9: Explaining Transport Layer Protocols

Module 10: Explaining Network Services

Module 11: Explaining Network Applications

Module 12: Ensuring Network Availability

Module 13: Explaining Common Security Concepts

Module 14: Supporting and Troubleshooting Secure Networks

Module 15: Deploying and Troubleshooting Wireless Networks

Module 16: Comparing WAN Links and Remote Access Methods

Module 17: Explaining Organizational and Physical Security Concepts

Module 18: Explaining Disaster Recovery and High Availability Concepts

Module 19: Applying Network Hardening Techniques

Module 20: Summarizing Cloud and Datacenter Architecture

Appendix A: Mapping Course Content to CompTIA Network+ (N10-008)

  • One year access to the class recording
  • One year access to the lab environment on Internet
  • Course material accessible in electronic format
  • Questions for practice on the exam
  • Exam voucher included
  • Certificate of attendance

It is recommended that you have knowledge equivalent to A + training / certification, as well as a user experience with Windows XP or higher.

Certification information: 

Exam characteristics:

  • Preparing for the CompTIA Network+ certification
  • Exam code: N10-008
  • Cost: $0 (included in your training)
  • Skills measured
    • Design and implement functional networks
    • Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices
    • Use devices such as switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks
    • Identify benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations
    • Implement network security, standards, and protocols
    • Troubleshoot network problems
    • Support the creation of virtualized networks
  • Number of questions: Maximum 90
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing score: 720/900
  • All details... 

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