Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals (DP900)

In his course, students will identify and describe core data concepts such as relational, non-relational, big data, and analytics, and explore how this technology is implemented with Microsoft Azure. They will explore the roles, tasks, and responsibilities in the world of data. The students will explore relational data offerings, provisioning and deploying relational databases, and querying relational data through cloud data solutions with Microsoft Azure. They will explore non-relational data offerings, provisioning and deploying non-relational databases, and non-relational data stores with Microsoft Azure. Students will explore the processing options available for building data analytics solutions in Azure. They will explore Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and Azure HDInsight. Students will learn what Power BI is, including its building blocks and how they work together. 

This training is a comprehensive preparation for the DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals certification.


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Minimum no. of participants: 5
1 day / 7 hours
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Training plan: 

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900T00)

Module 1: Explore core data concepts

  • Identify data formats
  • Explore file storage
  • Explore databases
  • Explore transactional data processing
  • Explore analytical data processing

Module 2: Explore data roles and services

  • Explore job roles in the world of data
  • Identify data services

Module 3: Explore fundamental relational data concepts

  • Understand relational data
  • Understand normalization
  • Explore SQL
  • Describe database objects

Module 4: Explore relational database services in Azure

  • Describe Azure SQL services and capabilities
  • Describe Azure services for open-source databases

Module 5: Explore Azure Storage for non-relational data

  • Explore Azure blob storage
  • Explore Azure DataLake Storage Gen2
  • Explore Azure Files
  • Explore Azure Tables

Module 6: Explore fundamentals of Azure Cosmos DB

  • Describe Azure Cosmos DB
  • Identify Azure Cosmos DB APIs

Module 7: Explore fundamentals of large-scale data warehousing

  • Describe data warehousing architecture
  • Explore data ingestion pipelines
  • Explore analytical data stores

Module 8: Explore fundamentals of real-time analytics

  • Understand batch and stream processing
  • Explore common elements of stream processing architecture
  • Explore Azure Stream Analytics
  • Explore Apache Spark on Microsoft Azure
  • Explore Azure Data Explorer

Module 9: Explore fundamentals of data visualization

  • Describe Power BI tools and workflow
  • Describe core concepts of data modeling
  • Describe considerations for data visualization
  • Up to date courseware with Microsoft Learn

  • Microsoft course achievement badge


Prerequisite certification is not required before taking this course. Successful Azure Data Fundamentals students start with some basic awareness of computing and Internet concepts, and an interest in extracting insights from data.

Credentials information: 

Exam Characteristics    

  • Exam code: DP-900   
  • Exam Title: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals 
  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes     
  • Number of Questions: 40 to 60  
  • Questions Format: Multiple-choice, multiple-answer, scenario-based    
  • Passing Score: 700 out of 1000    
  • Cost: $99 USD 

Exam Topics    

  • Describe core data concepts  
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure  
  • Describe considerations for working with non-relational data on Azure 
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure  
  • All details...     
Eccentrix Corner writing/whitepaper: 

DP-900: Certification Overview 

The DP-900 certification serves as a gateway to comprehend fundamental data concepts, including core data concepts, relational data services, non-relational data services, analytics workloads, batch and streaming data, and various data storage options available on Azure. 

Why Pursue DP-900? 

The DP-900 certification is designed for individuals aspiring to explore Azure's data services and functionalities. It acts as a starting point for anyone interested in the world of data management within the Azure environment, validating foundational knowledge essential for data professionals. 

DP-900 Exam Details 

The DP-900 exam evaluates a candidate's understanding of data concepts and services on Azure. It assesses one's ability to identify core data concepts, describe relational data services, differentiate between relational and non-relational data, recognize various analytics workloads, and understand data storage options on Azure. 

Exam Preparation and Resources 

Preparing for the DP-900 exam involves comprehensive study materials offered by Microsoft, including official learning paths, hands-on labs, and practice tests available on Microsoft Learn. Additionally, there are numerous official online courses such as the ones provided by Eccentrix. 

DP-900 vs. AZ-900: Key Differences 

While both DP-900 and AZ-900 are entry-level certifications, DP-900 specifically focuses on Azure data concepts, services, and storage options. In contrast, AZ-900 covers broader Azure fundamentals, including cloud concepts, services, security, compliance, and pricing. 

Is DP-900 Worth It? 

The DP-900 certification provides a strong foundational understanding of data concepts in Azure, which is valuable for individuals planning to pursue a career in data analytics, data engineering, or database administration within the Azure ecosystem. 

DP-900 Certification Renewal 

The DP-900 certification does not expire. However, staying updated with Azure's evolving data services and technologies is recommended to maintain proficiency in data fundamentals. 


The Microsoft DP-900 certification course, Data Fundamentals on Azure, serves as an excellent entry point for individuals interested in understanding and exploring data concepts within Azure's cloud environment. Obtaining this certification validates one's foundational knowledge of data services and concepts offered by Azure, paving the way for a career in the field of data management and analysis. 

Common Questions about DP-900 Certification (FAQ)

What is DP-900 for? 

DP-900, also known as Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals, is a certification exam that focuses on evaluating foundational knowledge and understanding of core data concepts, Azure data services, and data storage options available within the Azure ecosystem. This certification is beneficial for individuals aiming to comprehend the basics of data management and data-related services on Azure. 

Is DP-900 exam hard? 

The difficulty of the DP-900 exam can vary based on an individual's prior knowledge and experience with data concepts and Azure services. However, with adequate preparation using official Microsoft learning resources, study guides, practice tests, and hands-on experience, candidates can effectively navigate through the exam content. 

Which is better: AZ-900 or DP-900? 

AZ-900 and DP-900 certifications cover different aspects of Azure. AZ-900 focuses on Azure fundamentals, while DP-900 delves into Azure data services and data fundamentals. The choice between the two depends on one's interest and career path within the Azure ecosystem. 

How long does it take to study for DP-900? 

The duration for preparing for the DP-900 exam can vary depending on an individual's prior knowledge of data fundamentals and Azure services. On average, dedicating several weeks to a couple of months for comprehensive study, practicing with Azure services, and using official study materials is recommended to cover the exam topics thoroughly. 

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