CISSP - Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) (CS8503)

Our five-day CISSP-ISSAP training is a unique path allowing the acquisition of knowledge to design large-scale security architectures. It complements the subjects acquired in the general CISSP training (recommended prerequisite), dedicated to systems architects, business analysts, security directors, technology directors and network and system designers.

The six areas to be covered represent a plan to enhance the current security of the organization and make it possible to understand defense cybersecurity strategies, thus ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources.

Applicable solutions

Public class

5 days / 35 hours

Private class

Virtual classroom
Minimum no. of participants: 5
5 days / 35 hours
Price on request
English or French
Training plan: 

Module 1: Access Control Systems & Methodology

  • Control access to systems and data through understanding
  • Applying access control concepts, methodology, and techniques
  • Control techniques and policies
  • Access control administration
  • Identification and authentication techniques
  • Credentialing architecture
  • Design validation

Module 2: Communications & Network Security

  • Determine Communications Architecture
  • Determine Network Architecture
  • Protect Communications and Networks
  • Identify Security Design Considerations and Associated Risks

Module 3: Cryptography

  • Identify Requirements
  • Determine Usage
  • Identify Cryptographic Design Considerations and Constraints
  • Define Key Management Lifecycle
  • Design integrated cryptographic solutions

Module 4: Security Architecture Analysis

  • Identify Security Architecture Approach
  • Perform Requirements Analysis
  • Design Security Architecture
  • Verify and Validate Design

Module 5: Technology Related Business Continuity Planning (BCP) & Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

  • Incorporate Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Determine Security Strategies for Availability and Recovery
  • Design Continuity and Recovery Solution

Module 6: Physical Security Considerations

  • Assess Requirements
  • Integrate Physical Security Products and Systems
  • Evaluate Solutions

  • Course material accessible in electronic format
  • One year subscription to the CodeRed platform containing thousands of cybersecurity videos
  • Certificate of attendance
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