Cookies usage policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files in text format and/or numbers saved on your computer or on any device having access to Internet navigation by a Website in order to recognize your visit. The recording of this information is done on the first visit to the Website. Cookie are used for multiple reasons, but, in general it is to ensure the user experience on the Website is appropriate, in storing user preference information on the page. In other words, cookies make Internet navigation simpler because users do not have to configure site preferences every time they browse to a page. Cookies are passive files and cannot dissimulate viruses or other forms of malicious software.

The information collected by a Website is used to memorise the information on the user, as well as the preferences, such as an online checkout if the user is authenticated, how the Website is used, etc. Cookies are usually deleted automatically when you close your browser (session cookies). However, cookies can also be set to expire on a certain date, so the information can be preserved until that date or when the information expires (persistent cookies). Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk. There is also a distinction between first-party cookies (generated by the Website that you visit) and the third-party cookies (set by a third-party Website). These third-party cookies are normally configured by analysis Websites, announcements, etc. which makes it possible to target marketing content.

How do we use cookies?

Eccentrix is using cookies to continuously enhance the content and the services of the Website. We collect anonymous information that cannot be related to you. Only Eccentrix has the collected information. We use Google Analytics cookies to analyze usage of our Website and to create usage statistics. This helps us identify anomalies and to improve the global experience of the Website. The Google Analytics cookies include a unique identifier, generated randomly to recognize your browser when you visit the page. These cookies do not contain personal information and are used uniquely for our Web analysis. You can reach the Google Analytics cookies page to acquire more information on Google Analytics cookies and on their usage.

How to avoid the use of cookies?

We recommend to accept the use of cookies in order to benefit from the best possible experience of our Website. However, it is possible to change the parameters of your browser to reject the cookies and/or to configure your browser to present a warning before a cookie is generated. However, please not the rejection of the cookies will make some functionality unavailable and you will not be able to benefit from all functionalities.

If you do not want to use cookies for our Website, you can change the parameters of your browser, that is add our Website to the list of blocked sites where cookies will not be used. You can also delete cookies individually or all cookies that your browser has saved for you by following the mentioned guides:

Delete cookies on Microsoft Edge

Delete cookies on Mozilla Firefox

Delete cookies on Google Chrome

Delete cookies on Opera

Download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for your browser

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