Password manager security - which to choose?

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In a time when we have dozens of accounts, either personal or for work, there's a need to use a safe place for all of your passwords -  password managers. They hide all of your passwords behind one master password.  

Choosing the right password manager solution is critical for online security. Usually, users use the same passwords for all their accounts, but as we all know, it’s a real danger to your precious data. Good password managers eliminate the need to remember all of your passwords or to keep them in an unsafe location. In this article, we will present you with the best password managers. 


The best overall password manager is certainly Dashlane. Dashlane creators say it has never been breached and promote their zero-knowledge patented encryption, which stops others, even the Dashlane creators, from seeing your passwords. In addition, it has an easy sync option and dark web monitoring; it includes VPN and secure document storage. The only downside is its higher pricing. 


If there’s a doubt about the best free password manager, Bitwarden is undoubtedly the winner! Multiple device synchronisation, 2FA, unlimited free password storage, and open source are excellent options, even compared to the paid application! Of course, there’s also a premium version, but it remains very affordable. 


If you’re managing a mid-sized business, the best solution would be Keeper. It doesn’t have a free version and expensive add-on protection, but unlimited device support, secure record sharing and biometric authentication are certainly reasons for using this password manager. The price is in the mid-range for password managers. 


An excellent choice for personal use would be the 1Password application. Easy to use, MacOS compatibility, family sharing, protection against breaches, phishing and keyloggers and many business options are enough for our recommendation. The only downside is that if you forget or lose your master password – there is no recovery! 


NordSec, creators of NordPass, are also creators of one of the most popular VPN solutions – NordVPN. Just like NordVPN, its priority is - security. Unlimited storage space for all your passwords, frequent updates, syncing up to six accounts, and using military-grade encryption and 2FA prove that NordPass is an excellent password manager! 

Don’t forget that cyber security is critical and that by using this kind of app, you’re securing your devices. 

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