Common types of cyberattacks and countermeasures – a brief explanation

Types of cyberattacks featured image

In today’s world, our valuable properties include digital information – e-mail accounts, e-banking, company’s documentation, personal data, etc. Everything has become digital. Because of that, cyberattacks have evolved to a point where serious efforts need to be taken to ensure our information remains secure. But, what is a cyber attack? It is an action started by threat actors, cyber criminals, hackers that aim at affecting the integrity, confidentiality, or availability at your data. So, the objective can be to disrupt, steal, or prevent the use of a legitimat system for its users

Nowdays, attacks have become easy to luncheveryone interested can find so many ways to initiate this, as the tools and the documentation have also become very accessible online. 

Common cyber attacks are divided in types: 

  • Social engineering 

  • Applications and network services 

  • Wireless  

  • Cryptographic  

Let’s explore them by taking an understanding of the type and by enumerating ways it can harm a system, data, or a digital asset that is valuable to you or to your organization. 

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